DogenMustard Cryptogoblins

DogenMustard is an Exclusive Collection of Cryptogoblins that live on the Blockchain. Collect DogenMustard NFT's and earn bonus items & solve his riddles all across the inter-web.

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The spawning of a stranger, a weird-looking man, a golbin-like creature from a 4th dimensional land, a space on the blockchain with access this brief, manifesting on the network as a unique NFT, DogenMustard comes to earth with a remarkable plan. Unite him with his friends & form a new clan. Take him to battle for Mustard, & land, farming for trinkets & see who shall stand

DogenMustard Cryptogoblins are a race of digital creatures from the planet DogenPersei Prime. Their home world is a mysterious, magic place where physics take on unfathomable evolution of liveforms. DogenMustard NFT's are symbiotic, bonding to their owners & enhancing their digital personalities

DogenMustard NFT's are a collection of playing cards in digital format. Each DogenMustard is attributed to a set of skills & power, and can be entered in to a battle game

Join clans and battle to reclaim territories on DogenPersei Prime. Help DogenMustard re-unite with their clan members for mystery items

Customize your DogenMustard Cryptogoblin with tatoos, power ups, & enchantments at the DogenMustard Marketplace. Learn how to earn special trinkets which can later be redeemed for DogenMustard Merch.


Each DogenMustard is unique & special. All 10,008 DogenMustard Cryptogoblins belong to their Clans. The Divine DogenMustard are godlike, super powerful, and extremely difficult to find.

  • tier 1
    35% – Common
  • tier 2
    25% – Rare
  • tier 3
    20% – Epic
  • tier 4
    10% – Legendary
  • tier 5
    5% Mythical
  • tier 6
    3% Celestial
  • tier 7
    2% Divine


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    16,185 Unique Cryptogoblins

    Each DogenMustard is spawned automagically with over 300 traits. Keep an eye out for those rare traits that give its holders special items...
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    Community Wallet

    dogenmustard.wallet is the official community wallet that will be used o distribute awards from the gaming app.
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    Your goblin, your custody

    Spawn them, pet them, grow them, float them, collect them, or sell them. You are the owner of the DogenMustard, you can do as you want! Make your own Merch with your DogenMustard NFT, that is your right. Sell your DogenMustard means you sell those rights with it!


  • 1

    Q3-2022 DogenMustard NFT Collection goes on Sale!

    The DogenMustard NFT Collection Genesis Sale goes live! Watch out for those rare traits & learn how to rate your DogenMustard on the NFT page of our website. DogenMustard NFT holders can swap & trade cards to collect sets & lead the clan. From common to devine, each DogenMustard is unique & powerful.

    Roadmap step 1
  • 2

    Q4-2022 Exclusive club Grand Opening

    All holders are automatically members of the DogenMustard Club, where they will be able to hang out, trade cards, swap accessories, & more!. You will meet other clan members, you may make some enemies...

    Roadmap step 2
  • 3

    Q1-2023 DogenPersei Prime, the Metaverse

    DogenMustards home planet, DogenPersei Prime is the next phase of the NFT ecosystem. Battle your enemies, conquer land, chill...

    Roadmap step 3
  • 4

    Q1-2023 DogenMustard Merch Store goes Live!

    DogenMustard Merch Store goes live! Each NFT holder can earn commissions on phyisical goods sold. Terms & Conditions apply

    Roadmap step 3

The DogenMustard Team

  • DrZee3
    Founder, CEO

    DogenMustard High Preist

  • Berty
    Berty Weiss

    The creative genius, lyrical mastermind, master degen

  • Winsley
    Lord Winsley
    Creator, Master Showman

    First Ambassador to Earth

  • Tran

    DogenMustard Blue Clan Leader

  • Rock
    Artist & Designer

    DogenMustard Red Clan Leader

  • Roy
    Artist & Designer

    The man with a plan & a magic green van. Animator & 419er

  • Jools

    Marketing & Public Relations

  • Nguyen
    Community manager

    Brings life to our social media


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