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DogenMustard is an NFT Collectables & GameFi project where each NFT is generated at random, and forged from a given set traits of varying rarity. DogenMustard NFT's can be collateralized, and used to farm the MSTD utility token. MSTD can be used to upgrade, accessorize and enhance each DogenMustard NFT. These extras may only be applicable to a smaller percentage of DogenMustard NFT's. MSTD can be 'fed' to DogenMustard to increase his yield output. DogenMustard is demonstrating that gaming and collecting digital assets can be fun, personalised, and super rewarding!

  • BNB Rewards Pool
  • Liquidity Pool
  • MustardSwap
DogenMustard is a cryptographic alien comes to Earth by teleporting himself like quantum entanglement (Spooky!) but when he lands here he looks like an NFT. Mint unique DogenMustard NFT's, earn passive rewards in DGN, DogenMustards utility token (WoW!), stake DGN to farm Mustard (MSTD), which are tradable, exchangable for real prodcuts you can touch and squeeze!. Wanna tip those onlyfans munchies with an MSTD WHY TF NOT!!? DogenMustard Gen sets are available NOW on OpenSea!

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DogenMustard is an NFT collection of satire, cartoon art. DogenMustard is here to save us from the invasion

DogenMustard NFT's reward collectors with passive rewards. Collect sets and complete social gaming activities on our social media platforms!

Your DogenMustard NFT is your membership card. Each NFT holds a set of traits, with some giving special bonuses. Traits are random and depend on which NFT grade is purchased

Aliens do exist!! And they live on the Blockchain! Accessorize DogenMustard by kitting him out with accessories. DogenMustard drops Mustard coated Eggs across the blockchain. Look out for clues, some of those eggs might hatch something fun! Collect and store Mustard to buy power ups, gifts, or feeding your new friends. Deposit enoughMTSD tokens to the Vault unlocks the Dogen Passport, opening the wormhole to Frissy incentives found on Dogen Persei Prime, Dogenmustards home planet.

DogenMustard is Play-To-Earn. Announcments made on any of the social media platforms prompts players to complete a task. These tasks earn rewards, with multiplayer tasks, crews can earn compounded rewards. Build a following and compete with other teams that could lead to a treasure box. But who opens the box? If the wrong hand opens the box, it could be a Pandora!?


Flexible tax.
Rewarding holders with BNB and giveaways.
Huge marketing distribution.

3 Phases | Private Sale - Pre-sale - ICO

Total Supply: 8,080,080,080 | Tax: 10%

  • Team Tokens 80,080,080(1%)
  • Reserved Tokens 1,000,000,000(12.3%)
  • Private Sale 1,212,012,012(15%)
  • Pre-sale 1,212,012,012(15%)
  • Public ICO 1,616,016,016(20%)
  • Liquidity 2,828,028,028(35%)
  • Advisors 137,361,362(1.7%)
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5% Holders

5% of every buy/sell transaction is redistributed to all DogenMustard token holders. Earn more by holding more, earn even more by staking or providing liquidity, earn the most by playing games.

1% Liquidity Pool

1% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for DEX Plaforms (Pancakeswap, Burgerswap). It's automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).

4% Development

4% of every buy/sell transaction is stored in the Lucky Vault, used for incubating further developments & rewards programs to our community. 5% of the development allocation is for supporting the team.


A guideline on what
you can expect

DISCLAIMER: We adopt a flexible roadmap approach that allows us to be agile and adapt to changes in the market and community needs. We will do our best to fulfill the roadmap below, however, this may change to protect our token holders

  • August - October 2021 🐰
    • Website Launch
    • Grow Social Media Presence
    • Token Audit
    • Presale Marketing Campaigns
    • IFO on DEX Plaforms
  • 🐰 November-December 2021
    • DogenMustard WebApp
    • DogenMustard DEX Integration
    • CoinGecko Listing
    • Coin Market Cap Listing
    • Easter Eggs, Community Rewards
    • DogenMustard Staking & Network Dashboard
    • NFT Airdrops, Bonuses & Social Competitions
    • Recruitment
  • January-April 2022 🐰
    • iOS & Android Gaming App development
    • Listing on Major CEX
    • Deveopment of Dogen Persei Prime Digital Land Platform
  • 🐰 May-December 2022
    • NFT Marketplace
    • Partnerships
    • DogenMustard Game Development
    • DogenMustard Hardware Wallet
    • Mystery Giveaway
    • DogenMustard MarketPlace Integration


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How to buy using Metamask and your chosen DEX (Pancakeswap, burgerswap)

Metamask Link | PancakeSwap Link


Create/Download a wallet

For this tutorial, we recommend using either Trust Wallet, or MetaMask, which can both be installed as a Chrome or FireFox extension or downloaded as a mobile app.

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Add BSC network (MetaMask)

MetaMask is set up on the Ethereum Network by default. We will need to configure MetaMask to work with BSC Network - this only takes a few easy steps. With Trustwallet, BSC is available by default, so there is no need to setup additional networks to use Trustwallet. Below is a handy how-to guide for MetaMask:

Add BSC To MetaMask


Click on the BUY NOW button

Now you have the wallet set up, you can complete the registration form and deposit the amount of funds you want to the contract address specified in the registration form:

Register Here


Completing Registration

To successfully complete registration, KYC & AML compliance is mandatory. You will be asked to upload documents to comply with regulartory requirements


Receiving MSTD

The Pivate Sale round accepts a minimum & maximum purchase of MSTD Tokens. Information shall be provided on the Private Sale registration page. Once the KYC & AML documentation has been whitelisted, successful applicants will receive their allocation to the same address used during registration. Once users have received their MSTD, they can add funds to the liquidity pool on a BSC DEX Platform



(don't look at me)


Dr Zacher

Toilet Brush

Dr Zee is a weirdo. He thinks up weird ideas, then finds other weirdos to help him bring them to life. He does some backend development too.


Lord Winsley Gray

Ambassador to Earth

Lord Winsley is our overlord. Oh, and he reeeely creative.

Teresa Tram

Key Developer

Teresa does all the nerdy stuff, some of which is useful to the token technical thingies.

Berty Conkleweisser

Community Director &
Master Riddler

Berty (Robert, actually) has many dopplegangers. Some of them are friendly, others, not so much.

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